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Registration Fee for 2 Months

We currently teach our classes for the Sunnyvale Park and recreation center at Ponderosa Park. Temporarily this campus will be located at Los Palmas Park Building due to renovacations. For the last 12 years  going on 13 years we had provided quality service for the residents of Sunnyvale. We would like your support in encouraging discipline, safety, and health in our community. Thank you for this opportunity. Come check us out at our campus at the Ponderosa building in Ponderosa Park


Beg/Int      8+          6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Advance    12+          7:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Beginners     4-7         5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Beg/Int           8+         6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Advance       12+         7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Location: Las Palmas Park Building

Level                  Age      Residential /Non Residential

Beginners:         4-7                112$ / 140$

Beginners::          8+               145$ / 149$

Intermediate:      8+               145$ / 149$

Advanced:          12+              145$ / 149$

Campus Hours

2018 - 2019 Registration

 Sunnyvale Ponderosa Park Campus at Las Palmas Park

Campus Location

Equipment Information/Fees

Uniforms are required after the first class for all levels and can be purchased from the instructor. Uniform from size 3 and lower are $40. Uniform sizes 4 and above are $50.

In addition, all beginner classes are required to purchase a $40 target pad from the instructor. We highly recommend purchasing this target pad since it will allow students to practice their techniques effectively and safely.

Intermediate/Advanced level classes are required to purchase their own sparing gear from the instructor, which includes headgear, chest piece, foot gear, hand gear, mouth guard, and for males groan protection. Other equipment, such as Filipino Escrima sticks and a heavy duty Chang Tai Do storage bag are required for this class.

Advanced level classes are required to purchase a Chinese Kung Fu staff from the instructor. In this class we do not only teach traditional Shotokan Karate, but teach Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu.


We encourage all our students to test for their next rank at the end of each their 2 month secession with us. At the end of the secession, we will start collecting testing fee from our students. If we have not collected testing fees from students, we will not be able to test and promote them to their next belt rank.Testing fees will vary depending on the color of belt that students are going to test for. Testing fees will begin at $25 for beginners white belt to yellow belt.

Class Information

Beginners Age 4-7

Introduction to proper stretching, basic blocks, punches, kicks, strikes, and what to do to defend off an attacker. Children’s natural curiosity and playfulness combined with basic karate drill help develop coordination, mental focus and alertness. A great way to learn discipline, respect, self-confidence, help release energy and prepare students for future, more structured classes. Uniform, equipment and testing are additional fees. White belts up to two stripes. Uniform required after first class.

Beginners Ages 8+

Students will learn proper stretching, basic blocks, punches, kicks, self-defense and forms (Kata) while being introduced to the history and terminology of Chang Tai Do Karate. Returning students will also learn sparring. Training will help students develop better mental focus, coordination, discipline, respect, strength, endurance and skills to defend oneself. This is a great opportunity for family and friends to get in shape, reduce stress and spend quality time together. This level is for white and yellow belt students.

Intermediate/ Advanced 8+

Students will be drilled on blocks, punches, kicks, self-defense, forms (Kata), sparring (Kumite and Escrima Sticks) as well as combination techniques. Stretching time will not be extensive. Students will be responsible for stretching before class to avoid injury. This level is for students who have earned an orange belt and above.

All class registrations for Chang Tai Do are handled by City of Sunnyvale Park and Recreation Center.

Our Classes are listed in the Sunnyvale Park & Recreation Center's Activity Guide