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These classes start by introducing the fearful child to the Martial Atrs and continue through primary skills and characters development. 

CHILD  / AGES 4 – 7
This series begins with a class for children who have no experience in martial arts. This class will
introduce proper stretching, basic blocks, punches, kicks, strikes, and self defense techniques. Children’s natural curiosity and playfulness combined with basic karate drill help develop coordination, mental focus and alertness. A great way to learn discipline, respect, self-confidence, help release energy and prepare students for future, more structured classes.

TEENAGER / Adults / AGES 8 -70

Students will learn proper stretching, basic blocks, punches, kicks, self-defense and forms (Kata) while being introduced to the history and terminology of Chang Tai Do Karate. Returning students will also learn sparring. Training will help students develop better mental focus, coordination, discipline, respect, strength, endurance and skills to defend oneself. This is a great opportunity for family and friends to get in shape, reduce stress and spend quality time together.

 our Mission

To promote honor, discipline, and safety in our community by empowering our students with the values of martial arts to become better individuals

To see a more in dept description of who we are check out our welcome letter to our students

Founder John Chang was featured in a Saratoga News Papers last December 2015. The School has won the mayor’s Good Neighbor award two year running.

Chang Tai Do Karate & Fitness, Inc. School is a member of the USANKF. 

Chang Tai Do Karate has been teaching people to do Martial Arts since it opened 2003, serving City of Los Altos, City of Saratoga, City of  Sunnyvale and German American International School Menlo Park California.